What to Consider When Choosing a Corporate Event Venue

Among the most important aspects of corporate planning is selecting the venue. Finding a good location is usually a feat, especially if you are not ready with the necessary details early on. To make the whole task easier though, there are some things you can keep in mind. Check out the NON PLUS ULTRA website to get started.

Adequate Space

Make sure the corporate venue has just enough capacity for your expected guests or participants. The place should be large enough to fit everyone, but not so spacious that they will feel Isolated.

Easy Location Access

If you're having a local corporate event, pick a central area or one close to the office to ensure good attendance. If you are holding the event out of town, pick a place that is near the airport for convenient access. In any case, make sure transportation will come easy. If you have to provide a shuttle, do it. If there is a need for a parking area, look into that as well.

Convenient Accommodation

If you're planning an out of town event, try to find an event space San Francisco that can provide both hotel accommodations and the room that you need for your event. Read more here.

Package vs. a la Carte

Check what's included with the rental and what will be paid for a la carte. Tables and chairs, and staffing are usually part of the package, for example, but catering and equipment may have to be sourced outside. You have to be clear on all of these.


Know what types of meals you will be serving your guests and if catering will be provided internally or externally. If it is offered in-house, see if they have a minimum food purchase requirement.

Technical Equipment

Will you be showing Powerpoint presentations slides or videos? Will you need projectors, a screen, special lighting or a microphone? These are other things you should be clear on before booking the venue.


Ask for a written quote with taxes and negotiate. Know their policies on deposits, canceled events and payments. .


Venues usually have some rules that come with their rentals, like no alcohol, no outside caterers, etc. Again, make sure you know all of these so you don't violate your contract or have to rush fixing the issues related to your violation.

Preparations and Packing Up

Finally, know when you can enter the space to start setting it up. See if you can begin the night prior to the event and if you can use loading zones. And of course, know up to what time you are allowed to use the place before extra charges kick in.

Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Event_management for more information.
What to Consider When Choosing a Corporate Event Venue
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